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This is a marketing action BT-Miners LTD which pursues the following goals:

  • Give each user a small but unconditional income.
  • Show how easy and reliably you can invest on the Internet.
  • To convince everyone that investment in cryptocurrency is not something abstract, but a completely real tool that needs to be used.

You have in your personal account“Balance” This is the main account from which you can withdraw funds, as well as on the balance, you will receive profit accrual

The minimum amount for withdrawal to payment systems It is 10 USD .

BT-Miners Provides exclusive opportunities for earnings using a three -level affiliate program, paying for remuneration for registration of each person under your referral link, and the ability to receive additional bonuses

Successfully invited in BT-Miners Abstract, will bring you additional passive income for many years:

  • 5% from each investment;
  • 3% from each investment;
  • 1% from each investment;

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